Wednesday, 2 March 2011


There's so much to see in London that I seldom go back to a production for a second time, but I did want to see this COMPANY again and wanted to make sure my partner saw it. I have already written a blog entry on this production (see below). Second viewings of a show can be tricky, particularly when one knows the work well. There are no surprises, so one starts looking for the flaws. I am delighted to say this COMPANY was as wonderful the second time around. I am still astounded by Rupert Young's performance. He brings more to Bobby than anyone I have seen and sings the music beautifully. I only hope the producers find another role for him. The entire ensemble is excellent, particularly the women who find every bit of humor in their roles. I can't imagine a better performance of this great musical. Kudos to everyone, especially Joe Fredericks for such fine staging and character work.    

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